terms & conditions

the agreement was last modified on dec 15 2018.

main changes in updated terms:

1. revision request time reduced from 30  days for essays and assignment and 45 days for dissertations to 14 days and 30 days respectively

2. a client cannot request for a revision if they mark the order as  complete

3. funds cannot be refunded if the client has marked the work as complete.

4. any unreleased funds will be paid to the writer within 21 days from the date that the work is completed to ensure the writer is compensated for the effort. 

these terms of engagement describes the conditions and terms on which you are allowed to use our website and our services. the legal agreements written below are legally binding.


you agree that:

1.      the continued use of our essay writing services constitutes an agreement to all the terms and conditions of engagement.

2.      you are of legal age and capacity to enter into this agreement

3.      you agree to our refund and cancellation policies.

4.      that you will use our custom writing and research services as dictated in our terms and conditions of service.

5.      that the custom papers are to be used as guides, for study or research purposes only. we give no consent, implied or otherwise, to copy the custom written papers that we provide to you in part or as a whole without proper reference and we shall not be responsible for any liability resulting from such unauthorized use of our products.

6.      that we value your privacy and agree not to disclose any private information unless required by law

definition of terms:

1.      "account" refers to the digital account that you open when you register in order to access our services.

2.      "buyer" refers to persons who come to the website to investigate and purchase the services and product on sale at the website.

3.      "writer” or "freelancer” refers to the person, who has agreed to work with the company on a freelance basis to provide research and writing services under the company's terms

4.      "services" refers to a fixed price offer that is solely promoted by any of our writers for purchase by the buyers.

5.      "order” means the projects submitted by the buyers to our writers.

6.      "dispute resolution process" refers to the process that should be followed by both the buyers and sellers to solve a dispute in regards to an order or service.

7.      " iwriteessays", "website”, "we""our", or "us" refers to the iwriteessays.com website.

8.      "reserve" means a prepayment made by the buyer for the provision of seller services under a user contract and which will be released in accordance with the section "milestone payments" below.

9.      "seller" means a user that offers and provides services or identifies as a seller through the website.

10.  "seller services" means all services provided by sellers.

11.  "user""you" or "your" means an individual who visits or uses the website

12.  "user contract" refers to : 

a)      this user agreement, which is also known as the terms of engagement, terms and conditions, or terms.

b)      refund policy

c)      privacy policies

d)      all other codes of conduct while using the website.

13.  order status’ defines order progress of your order on a particular stage, such as bidding, writer picked, assigned, editing, delivered, finished, or cancelled.

14.  "revision” refers to the process of asking for amendments (revisions) to the initial draft as well as the edited version of the original product.

15.  "support team or support” refers to the various departments that offer support to our clients.

16.   "quality assurance department” or "qad” refers to part of the support department that evaluates the quality of product and service provided.

17.  1.11. "chat” or "chat system’ refers to the module that ensures communication between the customer and writers.

18.  "verification process” is an identity verification procedure used to confirm our users’ identity to prevent fraud.

purpose of the site and our services

our company is in the business of providing custom essay writing, article writing, and dissertation writing services ..

we guarantee that these products will be original and contain relevant references to the source of the information in conformity with the available rules for referencing and citing academic work.

however, our clients must use these products as guides and for study or research purposes only. nothing in this website shall be used to claim that we give consent to infringe on our rights for the use of the paper or to copy any or whole parts of our research papers without proper reference. further, our company will not be responsible for any liability resulting from unauthorized copying and use of our products or submitting them as your own.

proprietary rights, plagiarism, & terms for personal use

1.      we guarantee that the services that we provide will be original and fully referenced according to the referencing system that the buyer chooses while placing the order.

2.      the electronic copies of the work we submit to our clients should be used sorely for referencing and research. all the rights for the products we offer shall remain with the company.

3.      you may not copy or redistribute the copies of the work we deliver to you as your own without proper referencing or written consent from the company.

4.      you absolve the company of any liability resulting from the unauthorized use of our products and services in violation of the above terms and conditions.

privacy policies

all the information you provide to us during the registration process will be used solely for identification and verification of your identity. our company will not share, sell, or otherwise distribute this information with any party.

further, all private information is visible only to you and the support team. our writers will only identify you with the username that is assigned to you when you register on our website.

your consent to receive our communications and your right to withdraw consent

when you register on our website, you agree to receive emails regarding the services you purchase. you have a right to remove this consent by turning off email notifications from your profile page.

payment terms

1.      non-refundable services

our services are non-refundable. therefore, we offer no guarantees, implied or express, that completed orders are refundable. any discrepancy between the products you receive and your instructions should be corrected by submitting a request for revision.

however, the company can make a refund for any product or service in part of in full when it sees fit. however, these refunds are subject to our refund terms and conditions.

this policy only applies for completed work. funds that you deposit in your account and have not been reserved for a particular order are refundable at your request.

2.      non-payment

the company may suspend or close client’s account and revoke client’s access to the site for failing to pay the fees charged for the service by either canceling your credit or debit card, initiating an improper chargeback, or using any other methods meant to deny fair compensation to our writers. 

any refund requests should be made using the dispute button that is shown on the order page.

3.      no return of funds

the client agrees that no refunds can be made when they use the "mark order as finished” button to complete the order and pay the writer for a particular order. the client must make sure that they have read the work and do not need any revisions.

extra editing charges will apply whenever the client needs more work done on an order after releasing the payment.

4.      payment methods

all payments are processed securely through a third party payment gateway. additional charges and currency conversation charges may accrue from the use of the third parties. currently, we accept payments through:

a)      paypal

b)      bank transfer

c)      skrill

5.      circumvention of our rights to compensation

when using our services, you must acknowledge that the company receives compensation for making the site available to you when you pay a freelancer through the site. therefore, you should only make order requests and payments through the website.

6.  milestone payments

we do not rely on a third party escrow service. we provide an escrow service that allows us to control the flow of funds from buyers to freelancers through our own escrow system.

whenever a buyer makes any purchase, the money is reserved and locked and cannot be claimed by the writer until:

a.     the buyer acknowledges that the writer has completed the services fully and satisfactory by releasing the releases escrowed funds to the writer;

b.      the writer and the buyer agree that the funds can be refunded to the buyer;

c.       in case of a dispute, dispute is resolved in the seller's favor by the quality assurance department;

d.      the buyer instructs us to pay a writer for services performed by the seller in respect of a project or contest; or

e.       the escrow payment remains unpaid for 30 days from the date when the writer delivers the work

if a buyer does not approve of the writer’s work product, s/he may request for unlimited revisions within 14 days. the parties may also elect to resolve the issue under the dispute resolution process.

7.  dispute resolution

you agree to abide by the dispute resolution policy to solve any disputes in the quality of the work you receive through our website. the dispute process can be started by hitting the dispute button that is available on the order page.

the following are the terms for dispute and refund:

a)      we do not guarantee any grade. poor grades are not sufficient basis for refund, unless at the discretion of the company. we ask you to verify the paper before submitting it to your university to ensure that it meets your quality standards.

b)      the company has a zero tolerance policy for plagiarism. we guarantee to deliver original work in a timely manner. lateness and plagiarism by the writer are justifiable bases for refund. however, we do not guarantee that editing, proofreading, formatting services will be plagiarism free. the company shall not refund for editing services if a paper is found out to be plagiarized unless the buyer specifically tells the writer to rewrite the paper to remove plagiarized areas of the work

c)      we do not offer refunds based on the claim that "i do not need the paper anymore.” if you need to cancel an order, you must do it before the completion of the order; otherwise, we will pay the writer in proportion to the amount of work completed, up to 100% of the fee if the work is fully completed.

d)     you must communicate all refunds and cancellations in writing to the support team. if you are not satisfied with the product or receive the product after the specified deadline, you can request a partial or full refund. however, it is the sole discretion of the company to approve or disapprove any request on an individual case to case basis.

e)      the customer must provide strong reasons, and examples to back up the claim for refund if they want to dispute an order due to bad quality of the product. the quality assurance department reserves the right to reject or accept the refund request or ask for additional evidence to support the claim.

f)       we assume that the client is satisfied with the paper if they do not request for a refund within seventy-two 14 days after order completion. customer will not be eligible for any refunds after this time expires

g)      all the rights for a paper return to the writer if the client receives a full refund. the writer then has a right to use the paper in any way that they wish, including posting it online. further, the customer is then not eligible to use the product for whatever purpose.

h)      we do not refund any discounts offered on the store.

i)        project promotion fees for features like featured, nda, and urgent orders are non-refundable.

8.     revision policy

we offer free unlimited revisions as a courtesy service to ensure that the clients are 100% satisfied with the work that they receive. however, revision requests should be sent within 14 days of completion of an order or 30 days for any dissertations

additional charges apply if the client misses this deadline and the project is deemed complete.

the company has a right to reject the revision in case the client:

a)      changes in initial order details

b)      gives unreasonable reasons when they returned the assignment to revision

c)      appears to be taking advantage of writer or

d)     abuses our revision feature to get unpaid work

e)      submits a revision request that violates the original instructions

f)       the request is made more than 30 days for essays and 45 days for dissertations


9.     fraud

the company will do everything in its powers to protect our users from fraud and prevent users from circumventing the company's right to earn from the services it offers. things that will be considered fraudulent include::

a)      unwarranted chargebacks

b)      sharing personal information with the aim of transacting or communicating outside the methods provided by the company

c)      using unauthorized methods of payment to either pay or receive payment

d)     impersonating other people and opening multiple accounts under different names.

e)      misrepresentation and uploading fake verification documents

f)   taking and using the writer's intellectual work without paying

g)   selling writing accounts

h)   buying or transferring a writing account


some of the actions we take to protect our members from fraud include :

a)       closing fraudulent  accounts

b)      publishing of unpaid for papers on our blog

c)      reporting fraud to authorities

d)     accounts of writers impersonating other people will be closed and no payment will be made to the fraudulent user. 


feedback, reputation, and reviews

you acknowledge that you transfer copyright of the feedback, reputation, and reviews you leave for other users through our website. you also acknowledge that we can use such reviews to promote our website and services.

any feedback, reputation, and reviews that you publish on our website belong solely to us. you may not use, or deal with, such feedback, reputation, and reviews in a way that may undermine the integrity of the freelancer feedback system. we are entitled to suspend or terminate your account at any time if we, in our sole and absolute discretion, are concerned by any feedback about you, or your feedback rating, where we believe our feedback system may be subverted.

warranty disclaimer

our services are provided in an "as is” basis. you therefore agree not to rely on our services, the availability of the site, or any information available here. we offer no guarantees that of the availability of the website and its services.

we also offer no guarantees that you will get higher grades from the use of our service. you must review the products that you receive to make sure that they meet your requirements before you pay the writer.

limitation of liability

you agree not to hold the company liable for:

  1. your reliance on the quality, accuracy, or reliability of service postings, freelancer profiles, ratings, recommendations, and feedback, or metrics found on, used on, or made available through the site to help you select a writer
  2. bad grades resulting from the use of our products;
  3. any bad repercussion, suspension, or disciplinary actions taken by your school  resulting from your reliance on our services for your coursework
  4. your inability to use our site or site services due to outages or login errors;
  5. delays or disruptions in our site or site services;
  6. harmful viruses or  malicious software obtained by accessing our site or site services;
  7. glitches, bugs, errors, or inaccuracies of any kind in our site or site services;
  8. damage to your hardware device from the use of the site or site services;
  9. the content, actions, or inactions of third parties’ that we link to;
  10. suspension or other action that we take regarding your account;