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sample essay on my mother





sample essay on my mother

mother is the first word of 99.9% of children. as for me, my mother is the most precious gift god could have ever given to me. a description of her using words is a very challenging task. for every child, the mother is the most caring and loving person they have ever met in life. my mother also possesses all those qualities that a mother has. we have eight members in our family; my mother, my father, my grandmother, my older brother, my younger brother, my two cousins, and me. but my mother is the only member for whom we can call our house "a home”. my mother can be deemed as an early riser. she gets up as early as the sun rises and starts her schedule. she takes proper care of us and feeds us different delicious food. my mother knows all the likes and dislikes of each and every member of our family. she even remains alert and checks whether my grandparents have had their medicines on time or not. my grandfather calls my mother ‘the manager of the family as she can manage each and everything in the family.

i have grown up with the moral teachings of my mother. she guides me in every walk of my life. she understands my feelings and support me in my bad times and inspires me in my good moments. my mother teaches me to be a disciplined, punctual, and trustworthy person. my mother is a tree for our family who provides shade for us. though she has to manage lots of work she remains calm and cool all the time. she doesn’t lose her temper and patience even in difficult situations. there is a special bond of love between my mother and me and i always pray to god to keep my mother fit and healthy forever.

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