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merit and demerits of the internet example essay





merit and demerits of the internet

human life has become advanced and easier for the world and has become a boon for communication and information sharing. it is a fact that the internet has made human life easier and more convenient. the internet has allowed communication through electronic sources and ensures the easy availability of images, information, and products, amongst other things. the internet continues providing a new facility or something new which is highly convenient and makes human life much easier. the paper aims to focus on the merit and demerits of the internet in the present age of human life.

the internet allows one to communicate with individuals virtually in any part of the world through email or social media. professionally and personally internet had a significant impact on human lives with advancement and ease. according to (wichstrom 72) information is probably the most considerable advantage which internet has offered. it has been a virtual tressures trove when it comes to information because any topic under the sun is accessible on the internet. there is unlimited information for just about anyone subject to a person ranging from law to space science, and rare topics for one to search. search engines such as google, and yahoo have contributed all these years to advance the community as a whole. there is a wide range of information on the internet, which is probably the most significant advantage of the internet. the internet is a virtual treasure trove of information.

any kind of information on any topic under the sun is available on the internet. the search engines like google, and yahoo have contributed to human queries in an unlimited manner. today we can use websites dedicated to various subjects with a vast number of articles and papers available for perusal within a few seconds (yiran). the world has reached a different level with the help of the internet, be it education or remote work. education in the present world is impossible without the internet as there are highly effective sites for research. online learning courses are also a new trend that is making individual life easier as they can learn and get connected with the help of the internet (wichstrom 72). people can use tools to communicate with any part of the world and learn or work with them. organizations are using the internet to facilitate communication between offices, employees, and customers or suppliers. when it comes to business internet is the new trend as it has offered a quick way to connect with the world through marketing on social platforms or individual sites. if people use the internet wisely, they can advance themselves and get information to enrich their knowledge.

every side has two sides, so there are several demerits related to the internet with its increasing use of the internet. the internet has a dark side for adolescents as they get addicted and spend most of their time surfing as studied (papsdorf 991). most of the time, they neglect their studies and indulge in gaming or any other thing that is not pleasant. the internet has allowed a great deal of anonymity to many individuals who might access several sites, forums, and chat rooms. it has allowed pervert people to take advantage of the vulnerable and has led to an increase in crimes. there is a various gaming site that has turned adolescents to shun every outdoor activity. lack of physical activities leads children to fall prey to an unhealthy lifestyle and give rise to chronic illnesses such as obesity rather than failing to develop interpersonal skills.

comparing merits and demerits

with the advent of the internet, the traditional view of communication media has been altered. one must take medicine when a physician prescribes it, and it is similar to the case because the internet must be used within limits. doing anything without limits would take away creativity and time and can lead to difficulties (dhir 35). the internet has been a boon for society since each activity or societal function is covered. thorough research on the negative impact does not mean that we are undermining the significance of the internet in our lives. the essay has been written for the internet audience to understand the merit and demerits of the internet in-depth. it is up to a person to choose between right and wrong while using technology.

the internet has played a significant role in human life, including education, commerce, entertainment, health, and social communication. the internet as a technology has been an outstanding achievement in terms of creativity and famous invention in the history of modern science (dhir 35). an individual must be responsible while using the internet as it will impact his or her life. therefore, irrespective of the fact that the internet has numerous disadvantages, it must be understood that it is effective for mankind in multiple fields. the internet is robust across the globe that acts as an excellent source for research and learning. it has been an outstanding invention in the history of mankind and is contributing to human civilization in a significant manner.


in conclusion, the points mentioned above have posed new challenges for every internet user as it portrays merits and demerits that have been a concern over the last few years. the users should use their intellect to make intelligent choices. one should not let technology distract their mind or harm their professional or personal life. it is, therefore, time to educate society, especially adolescents, on what to do on the internet instead of controlling them.

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