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          tolerance refers to a fair attitude towards people who have a different lifestyle from ours. it is a vital virtue that is needed everywhere. the virtue helps people put up with individuals with different ways as well as opinions in life. tolerance also enables people to judge the other side of things patiently. therefore, tolerance is a crucial virtue that is required in the turbulent world. tolerance promotes unity by helping people live together peacefully (latzman and shishido 112).

          being tolerant means accepting the opinions as well as preferences of other people, even when they live in ways that you do not agree with. tolerance also implies that a person does not put his or her opinions above those of other people, even when one is right. tolerant people are capable of dealing with different perspectives and opinions (bowlin 58).

tolerance is the reflection of a person's own behavior as well as character. the level of an individual's tolerance changes according to the situation. people often lack tolerance for injustice as well as the violation of human rights. if people want humanity to flourish, then they must practice tolerance for all life walks. every human being should be tolerant to lead a happy life. tolerance is an abstract virtue and has considerable influence on life’s current affairs (latzman and shishido 99). man is a social being and strives to live in a spirit of harmony and cooperation with others in the community.

           tolerance plays a crucial role in every stage of a person’s life. tolerance promotes a fruitful life. people without tolerance often become angry about conflicting opinions, leading to fights and quarrels. the situation may worsen, leading to adverse outcomes. if a person is tolerant, he or she will put himself in the other person’s shoes and try to understand them. tolerant people try as much as possible to solve the situation while respecting the views of other people to attain positive outcomes (bowlin 88).

          a tolerant person also relates healthily and effectively to everyone. however, an intolerant person does not have relationship values and often disagrees with other people, leading to conflicts. people live in large cultural diversity. one should respect and tolerate people of every religion, race, and gender. even if people have different habits of living, environment, and culture, they should understand, love and respect one another. tolerance is, therefore, essential for establishing a peaceful and tolerant society (latzman and shishido 115).

          tolerance also enhances peaceful coexistence. it also helps a person to become open to other ways of thinking to enhance personal development. people can gain a better understanding of the world if they no more about different thinking as well as ideas from around the world (rodkin and roisman 45).

learning to become tolerant and respectful of other people is crucial to being successful in life. tolerance can be taught to children easily since they often mimic their guardians and parents. children should be taught about tolerance to suspend feelings of hate and suspicion. being hateful and jealous of other people makes a person become unhappy. when a child learns to be open-minded about the various foods, lifestyles, cultures, and religion of people surrounding them, they can easily accept other people’s perspectives and opinions when they become adults.

if tolerance leads to understanding and acceptance, then it is true that intolerance results in innumerable adverse issues. intolerance leads to negative behaviors and consequences, such as bullying in school and the workplace. in school, for instance, bullies often discriminate against children who are overweight or too thin, those with language problems, and learning difficulties (bowlin 45). teaching children to accept others helps them understand that every person, including themselves, is distinctive in some way, and should be respected.

parents should do various things to teach their children tolerance from a young age. for instance, they should be careful about what they say around children since they immediately pick up on negative phrases. children can think that repeating hurtful words or comments to a person is acceptable since their parents used the words around them. parents should also teach their children to respect themselves. respecting others starts with learning to respect oneself first (rodkin and roisman 84).

in conclusion, tolerance promotes peace and unity. it helps people live together happily and respectfully. parents should foster and nurture tolerance in their children to promote peace in society. teaching children to be tolerant of others helps them grow into respectful adults who consider other people's perspectives and opinions.


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